November 30, 2011

Kiki Bakshi

My friend just told me the name of her first school : Kiki Bakshi Nursery School!
No points of guessing which part of the country it is in.
No wonder we bond so well!

November 29, 2011

Revelations at the age of 25

1. If you discover (after a month!) that your only friend in kickboxing class studies in class 8 (quick math: 5 + 8 = 13yrs = newly formed teenager) Just deal with it.

2. Its okay to be shocked if your social life includes vegetarians and people born in the 90s. 

3. Your friends will constantly talk about quitting their jobs and planning a trip somewhere. You! Be smart. Don't quit the job (unless you have finished one year) But go travel! TRAVEL! wherever you can!

(on a more serious note)

4. Its very important to fight with your friends. It gives you unnecessary drama but keeps you sane.

5.When you try really hard to have fun. You actually do.

6.And you're not going through quarter life crisis guys. Do the math. 

(I'm sure there are more insights about/at this age. They will come to me. After all I have a year to go!) 

November 27, 2011


Flipkart has offered to pay me Rs. 25 as sorry fee for not delivering my book on time!

November 23, 2011

Dilemmas of a new blogger

I am a new blogger. I tried blogging the first time I got to know about blogging.
But then got too bored and too shy. So I stopped.
But now that I am a new blogger (for the second time) I still feel too shy to tell people to read my blog.
This is why I have no comments so far.
But I have 27 views.
The stats of my blog tell me that the traffic on the blog is from:
I am the only one in India one who knows about this blog
I am the 18 people
Now 3 are left who I dont know about.
Just want to say
'hello persons from America and hello person from Germany!

Apni nazaron mein gir jana

Things I have achieved in the last two weeks:

1. Got myself a back massage by a man at the local spa.
2. Got my ex to pay me the money he owed me from three years back.
3. Been to a electricity-less village on a night filled with a zillion stars
4. Sang my lungs out and completely lost my mind at the biggest music festival I have ever been to!

Maybe now I can rise in my eyes.

November 19, 2011

Somethings money can't buy

For everything else. There is mastercard.
Mastercard Family Fortunes.
My favourite day: When one of the contesting families were 'the Gulatis'
My proudest day: When I discovered that the best place for Butter chicken in Delhi is 'Gulatis' at Pandara Road.