June 23, 2012

Psycho Test II

You are a psycho:

1. If you spread a newspaper on your bed before letting your friend sit on it.
2. If you are afraid of bus germs more than auto germs
3. If you decide to climb a bus on the basis of how it looks from the outside
4. If you make your friend bring you carrots at 6.30 in the morning
5. If you have a total of 12 friends on facebook.
6. If you keep adding and deleting these 12 friends.
7. If you make travel plans with unconfirmed tickets and stress everyday about your movement up the waiting list
8. If your profile picture is of a bare chest with eight packs and male boobs.
9. If at some point in your life your pet line was 'let your beauty fill the sky'
10. If you're reading this and thinking 'oofya(.blogspot.com)'

June 19, 2012

Psycho in the Summer

Dear Friend, 
You are going psycho in the summer if you consume any of the following on a daily basis:

1. Aam Panna
2. Mango Milk Shake
3. Mango flavored TANG
4. Fruity
5. Cut mangoes with vanilla ice cream
6. Plain cut mangoes
7. Mango Duet ice cream
8. Aam ka achar!

You are also a summer psycho is you do any of the following:

1. Enter the ATM for a quick AC blast when your friend has to withdraw money
2. Only travel by the Red AC bus and Delhi Metro
3. Make tan patterns on your feet and arms (with wrist watches, half/no sleeve tshirts, shoe straps etc)
4. Wear socks and gloves to prevent a tan
5. Enthusiastically wake up in the middle of the night to fill water in your cooler.
6. Go for a swim knowing very well that you'll bang into a zillion people in the pool
7. Constantly crib about how hot it is (Ha! You do the same in the winter)

Do me a favor. Listen to this. You'll feel better :)


Summer Psychoanalyst