August 26, 2012

If you're 25

You have probably

1. Discovered your ex-boy/girl friend's wedding pictures on facebook

2. Realised how much damage you have done to your body in younger days (you might have also tried to go off alcohol and cigarettes for a week!)

3. Been to the gym, left it and joined it again

4. Discovered your friends' sudden interest in cooking and taking pictures of food to put up on facebook

5. Heard your friends say 'Still? Why? When will you Stop?' when you tell them about the new MA/Mphil/PhD course you've joined

6. Understood words like 'manglik' 'double manglik' 'shani-rahu-ketu' and ideas about marrying and divorcing trees

7. Dealt with the fact that you'll be 26 soon and maybe it doesn't really matter anymore

8. Lost hope of falling in love if you haven't already

For more information on this crucial age please read THIS

Thank you

Lots of love

Miss 25 going on 26!

August 23, 2012


to know
from inside
and then
from outside

August 21, 2012

To a wanderer and a friend

'...words are spoken by the camp-fires, in the shared solitude of the sea, in riverside villages, in resting places surrounded by forests - words are spoken that take no account of race or colour. One heart speaks - another one listens; and the earth, the sea, the sky, the passing wind and the stirring leaf, hear also the futile tale of the burden of life.'

-- Joseph Conrad

August 19, 2012

She is the one

Name: Ram Pyari
Father's name: Ram Chander
Mother's name: Ram Bai
Favorite activity: This

August 15, 2012


While kites fly
tied to invisible threads
the sky drizzles
to tease
And my friends abroad
do their duty
of making the Indian flag
their profile picture

August 13, 2012

Poetry Shoetry

For a long time now;
we have stood
on the rooftops of stories
believing this city is ours

-- Kishwar Naheed (shared by Ufaque)

August 11, 2012

Like you


Someone asked
if we talk
I said
we do 
about you
of course


Someone said
I laugh like you


And I laughed
just like you


And just like that
When I ate alone
You appeared

August 10, 2012

Appear Disappear


The thought
that I have finally forgotten you
is also the thought
that reminds me of you


The thoughts
are finally my own
(but not quite)


I play this game
of remembering and forgetting


You just
appear disappear


I live in my head
and you
of course
live somewhere else

August 09, 2012

Too busy for love


I fell
out of love
you didn't
send that last post card
I asked for


In moments of mad rush
I miss being loved