May 12, 2013

House no. 77

The internet wifi here is called 'vgkiller'

May 07, 2013

Memory. Sight. Love.

All require a witness, imagined or real.

-- Peggy Phelan

May 06, 2013

Sea Crushing

T:     Sometimes I think, it would have been easier to flirt with him had I been south Indian too.

J:     You would have been an engineer then. 

May 05, 2013

Walling music

Residue (1/2)

From everything a little remained.
From my fear. From your disgust.
From stifled cries. From the rose
a little remained.

A little remained of light
caught inside the hat.
In the eyes of the pimp
a little remained of tenderness,
very little.

A little remained of the dust
that covered your white shoes.
Of your clothes a little remained,
a few velvet rags, very
very few.

From everything a little remained.
From the bombed-out bridge,
from the two blades of grass,
from the empty pack
of cigarettes a little remained.

So from everything a little remains.
A little remains of your chin
in the chin of your daughter.

A little remained of your
blunt silence, a little
in the angry wall,
in the mute rising leaves.

A little remained from everything
in porcelain saucers,
in the broken dragon, in the white flowers,
in the creases of your brow,
in the portrait.

Since from everything a little remains,
why won't a little
of me remain? In the train
travelling north, in the ship,
in newspaper ads,

why not a little of me in London,
a little of me somewhere?
In a consonant?
In a well?

-- Carlos Drummond de Andrade

May 04, 2013