December 12, 2014

A boy I know

A boy I know used to work for a society called SCRUBS. They are into environmental stuff. As a routine exercise, they go to the beach and pick Olive Ridley turtles up and re-direct them to the sea so that they do not walk to the busy roads and get killed by speeding cars. They are near extinction, he informed me. The following is an excerpt from a recent conversation:

Boy: I want to eat everything. My aim is to eat new things and see new things. So I eat and I travel. I have eaten dogs and rabbits and cranes and frogs and I want to eat all those insects they show on TLC ...pause...mischievous grin... I have also eaten turtle legs. 

Me: You have eaten turtle legs!!! HOW! Didn't you have any moral dilemmas! 

Boy: Yes, I have eaten turtle legs. I didn't eat the Olive Ridley turtles though. But I think you should eat them before they become extinct.


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